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From the President

Angus Dysart Paul 2022 03 29 210907

Angus Dysart-Paul
CCOBA President

Reunion Cocktail Party 1

In August, the CCOBA looks forward to hosting Old Boys at College’s Community Events in Auckland (3 August), Havelock North (10 August) and Wellington (18 August). Young Old Boys Events (for those who left College within the past 10 years) will be held in Dunedin (21 July) and Auckland (4 August).

Register for these events via our website.

We hope that many alumni will be able to attend the functions, which mark a return to our normal event calendar as we emerge from the Covid-19 wilderness.

Since the last Quadrangle, I was privileged to speak at College’s Assembly to introduce the Senior Honours Tie recipient, Sir Andrew Tipping. Although Sir Andrew was unable to attend Assembly in person, his contribution to law and justice as a judge was recognised and celebrated. His career in law and public service is an inspiration to us all.

In recent years, the Association has created and funded “Old Boys’ Posters” to recognise Old Boys’ achievements. They adorn the corridors and classrooms of the school. We hope that the stories of former students inspire the next generation. The posters can now be viewed on the College’s website. And, if you would like to recommend an Old Boy to appear on one of our posters, please let the Association know. An early goal was to display 175 posters by the 175th anniversary. We certainly will not run out of worthy Old Boys.


College’s roll has grown to 700, having reached its highest watermark in the school’s history. Every year, the waitlist for new entrants grows longer. Although that is good news, it does mean that Old Boys who wish to send their sons to College need to ensure that their son is enrolled early. The demand is already very heavy for 2024. To avoid disappointment, please enrol now.

Upper West

College’s Upper West – the new, multi-functional sports centre at the end of Upper – is under construction. As a result of the building activity, the College versus CBHS game was held at Orangetheory Stadium. However, the match will return to Upper. And I am pleased to inform all Old Boys that the Committee voted to donate $250,000 towards the new facility’s construction. The centre will enhance the College experience of the next generation of Old Boys. This continues an established tradition of the Old Boy community contributing to College projects. In keeping with the Association’s objectives, the Committee was proud to make the donation on behalf of all its members.

Angus Dysart-Paul

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From the Deputy Board Chair

Jeremy Johnson 5269

Jeremy Johnson
Deputy Board Chair

Christ’s College – Board appointment

The Christ’s College Board of Governors (Board) is seeking to appoint two additional members. The successful applicants will have an integral role in the ongoing strategic direction and leadership of Christ’s College.

The successful applicant will have skills and competencies that complement those of the current Board Members and should share the Board’s vision for College to be an innovative and aspirational school for boys. A genuine interest in College and engagement in the work of College and the Board are expected.

Candidates should email a cover letter outlining their skills and experience, plus a copy of their curriculum vitae, to Deputy Chair Jeremy Johnson at jeremy.johnson@bankside.co.nz

This is an unpaid role.

Confidential inquiries can be made to Jeremy Johnson on 027 418 1654.

Applications close on Tuesday 9 August 2022.

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Old Boys’ Stories

Stay up-to-date with our Old Boys community

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Sir Michael Fowler

Vale Sir Michael Fowler

A distinguished architect, artist and former mayor of Wellington, Old Boy Sir Michael Fowler (5193) has passed away at age 92.

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Gerry Smith small

Natural fibre trendsetter Gerry Smith ahead of his time

At 83 years young, Gerry Smith is starting to think about retirement.

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Sam Neill 1

College knight takes a bow

Christ’s College has a new knight, with Old Boy Sam Neill (7200) recently accepting the title of Knight Companion of the Order of New Zealand.

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Honours Tie 1

Senior Honours Tie – the Right Hon Sir Andrew Tipping

A former Supreme Court Judge, the Right Hon Sir Andrew Tipping (6706), has been awarded a Senior Honours Tie at Assembly by College Old Boys’ Association President Angus Dysart-Paul.

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Rugby Reunion 02

Old Boys team up to kick off Rugby Reunion

More than 30 former 1st XV players have lined up at College on Friday to celebrate their Rugby heydays during an action-packed reunion, culminating in a sideline seat for the big clash with Christchurch Boys’ High School at Orangetheory Stadium.

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Rugby Reunion 69

Formidable forwards play on – 70 years on

Seventy years on – and at age 87 – both Tom Tothill (5712) and John Clayton (5652) are back in play for the Christ’s College Rugby Reunion on Friday.

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Career Convos3 Comuputer Science

Gateway to Computer Science career via Stanford

Georgia Tech graduate Chris Jung has taken a slight detour, returning to College to share his American university experience with students before heading back to the United States to undertake a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Stanford.

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Career Convos4 Architecture 1

All about architecture

Architectural graduate and Old Boy Ben Russell drew a record crowd of 18 students to College’s latest Career Convos session on 23 June.

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In the News

Ie faitanga

Pasifika students are donning the ie faitaga for the first time as part of their College uniform

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Richard Turpie and Chase crop

Richard Turpie (15212)

Richard raises nearly $47,000 for Chase Porter

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Louis Beckert

Louis Beckert (14535)

Meet the young Black Stick keeper

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Robert Bell

Robert Bell (12000)

What happened when $2.7m arrived in a backpack

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Theres A Tuesday

Angus (Gus) Murray (14864)

Introducing There’s A Tuesday

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Thomas Vincent

Thomas Vincent (14893)

Free meals and deep and meaningful chats

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Upcoming Events


21 July 2022Dunedin Young Old Boys (YOBs) – register now

3 August 2022

Auckland Community Event – register now

4 August 2022

Auckland YOBs – register now

10 August 2022

Havelock North Community Visit – register now

18 August 2022

Wellington Community Event (including YOBs) – register now
1 September 2022Melbourne Event – register now

30 September 2022

CCOBA Golf – register now

19 October 2022

65 & 66 Years On Reunion – register now
75 & 76 Years On Reunion – register now
Gentlemen’s Lunch (2021 & 2022) – register now

31 October 2022

Nelson Community Visit – register now

1 November 2022

Blenheim Community Visit – register now

7 November 2022

Ashburton Community Visit – register now

15 November 2022

Wanaka Community Visit – register now
18 November 2022

Christchurch Long Lunch

21 November 2022Inter College Golf at Hastings Golf Club (Bridge Pa)
24 November 2022Christchurch YOBs


Long Lunches: Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Sydney, Melbourne

15 or 16 December 2022 New York Event (TBC)
7 January 2023London Event
17 January 2023San Francisco Event (TBC)
17 February 2023CCOBA AGM
17 – 19 February 2023Reunion Weekend 2022–2023
20 Years On (2003–2007), 30 Years On (1993–1997), 40 Years On (1983–1987), 50 Years On (1973–1977), 60 Years On (1963–1967), 70 Years On (1953–1957) and 80 Years On (1943–1947)
Also, Old Boys from the postponed 2022 Reunion Weekend: 21 Years On (2002–2006), 31 Years On (1992–1996), 41 Years On (1982–1986), 51 Years On (1972–1976), 61 Years On (1962–1966), 71 Years On (1952–1956) and 81 Years On (1942–1946)
26 February 2023Joe Studholme Car Rally
4 March 2023CCOBA Yacht Race
Labour Weekend 2025175th Anniversary – watch this space

Medbury School Centenary Celebrations 2023

The Medbury School Old Boys’ Association (MSOBA) – ahead of Medbury’s Centenary next year – is reaching out to all Medbury Old Boys to ensure that the wider Medbury community can all celebrate this milestone together. If you are a Medbury Old Boy and do not receive regular communications from the MSOBA, the association invites you to update your details on the Medbury School website.

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The Chronicle


Professor Derek Nigel John Hart (7686)

Dr Derek Hart was the first person to discover interstitial dendritic cells, and much of his subsequent research related to the importance of these in many aspects of immune medicine and their modification for immunotherapy.

Dr Antony Todd Young (7775)

Dr Tony Young was the first true interventional radiologist in the South Island and during his career oversaw the growth of this subspecialty to the point where it now plays a pivotal role in the management of many surgical and medical patients.

Read full obituaries here

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April – July 2022

We have learnt of the following deaths in our community. Our sympathy is extended to their family and friends.

Anthony Harold BABINGTON (5466)
Christchurch, 25 April 2022

James Cleather FRASER (6522)
Christchurch, 26 April 2022

Robert (Hugh) David CHAPMAN (8726)
Christchurch, 29 April 2022

Hamish Gavin TURNBULL (5713)
Wellington, 7 May 2022

James Malcolm MCINTYRE (5432)
Auckland, 11 May 2022

Richard William Owen WILLIAMS (5907)
Bay of Plenty, 13 May 2022

James Christopher Rhodes LEACH (6177)
Bay of Plenty, 13 May 2022

Anthony St J LE CREN (5329)
Canterbury, 20 May 2022

John Ademar McLean BAIRD (5084)
Christchurch, 1 June 2022

Bryan George WILBY (6694)
Canterbury, 3 June 2022

John Reynell WILSON (5367)
Bay of Plenty, 7 June 2022

Anthony Frederic Crosbie HAMILTON (5758)
Christchurch, 7 June 2022

Hugh Morton OLLIVIER (9078)
Southland, 16 June 2022

Jason Christopher PROCTER (13312)
Christchurch, 27 June 2022

David Anthony WREAKS (5993)
Bay of Plenty, 2 July 2022

Paul (Hiatt) Somers COX (5838)
Wairarapa, 5 July 2022

Timothy Michael HERRICK (6406)
Hawkes Bay, 7 July 2022

Winstone Trevor Ellis ARMSTRONG (6109)
Christchurch, 7 July 2022

Bryan Gifford MOORE (6428)
Auckland, 11 July 2022

Frank Pelham ANDREWS (6107)
Wellington, 11 July 2022

Edward (Michael) Coulson FOWLER (5193)
Wellington, 12 July 2022

Richard James BYERS (10248)

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Contributions welcome

If you would like to contribute an obituary to The Chronicle, please email Lizzie Dyer at ccoba@ccoba.com.

As a guideline, we suggest a 500-word submission. However, we are happy to accept longer or shorter options.

*Please note that this office may edit obituaries.

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

Boxing at College

The earliest mention of boxing at Christ’s College is in the Games Committee Minute Book in 1881. It was agreed to purchase four sets of boxing gloves, one for each House and one for the dayboys.i

Boxing took place in English Master Robert Jardine Browning’s classroom before a platform was added in 1882 to the first gymnasium, according to Albert John Webb (731).ii

The 1876 gymnasium, with the later addition of the fives courts.

Webb recalled sparring bouts between Browning and Charles Carteret Corfe. The instructor, George Belcher, told the boys that it was a “gentlemanly exercise which taught us to take reverses and not to lose our tempers”.iii

Webb names the original members of the Boxing Club:

William Paul Studholme (717), Hugh Henry Mathias (566), William Herbert Langdown (858), Richard Orme Dixon (715), Harold Rolleston Mathias (624), Thomas Maude (924), Henry Walter Bridge (704), Gilbert Montgomerie Hutton (917), Reginald Fortescue Cook (913), Alfred Henry Williams (742), Albert John Webb (721), Frederick Ansell Tiffen (856), Gordon Maitland (774) and James Stoddart (907).

The second (1886) gymnasium included a floored space at the end of one room for boxing.iv

The 1886 gymnasium and groundsman’s cottage from the river.

By June 1887, boxing was included in the Gymnastic Examination. There were nine exercises: the wall, parallel bars, bridge and ladder, vaulting, elastic ladder, horizontal bar, Indian clubs, rings, and boxing.v

The gymnasium with the boxing ring, 1918–1920. Christ’s College Archives CCPAL21/25/2

In 1890, 60 boys were chosen to demonstrate the gymnastic work that had been achieved during the year. Two boys, who can be identified as Edward Francis Joseph Grigg (1237) and Cecil Cleave Cox (1182), stepped into the ring. Their hitting was straight and clean, and Grigg was judged to slightly have the better of the encounter.vi

In 1908, the Games Committee was obviously concerned about the fitness of the 1st XV for it proposed a boxing class for the team. Two amendments followed, extending the class to the whole of the Upper Club and those not able to box “shall indulge in strenuous training in the gym while the boxing is going on”.vii

In 1908, it was also the first year of competition for the House Cup presented by George Helmore.

The Helmore Challenge Cup, inscribed from 1908–1981.

Won by the Headmaster’s House (School House), points were accumulated by the winners and runners-up in the various weight divisions:vii

Bantamweight7st 6lb and underSnow beat Barnett i
9 stone and under
Deacon beat Hayter
10st 4lb and under
Norton i beat Haines
Any weight
Murchison beat Moore i

In 1946, the Arthur Grigg Memorial Cup was boxed for in the 8 stone 12lb and under class.ix

Kenneth John Patrick Cooper’s (5288) name appears first after a close fight with Geoffrey James Stokes (5531). The following year, the result was reversed in the 9 stone 12lb and under class when Stokes gave a “good display of cool judgement and clean hitting”.x

Pewter mugs were instituted in 1953–1954. There were cups for Bantamweight, Lightweight, Light heavyweight, Heavyweight, and the Most Scientific Boxer in the Finals.

Examples of Pewter Mugs. Left, Light Heavyweight, Right, Most Scientific Boxer in the Finals.

Hamilton records that by 1971, Christ’s College was the only school in the South Island that still boxed. The report of the Captain of Boxing, Thomas De Renzy Harman (9977), in 1986 is the last record of a College Boxing Tournament,xi as the sport was discontinued in 1987 on medical advice.xii

The final results were:

Under 6 stone
David Macdonald Raymond (10343) defeated Scott Alexander Nimmo (10610)

Under 6st 12lb
Thomas John Hazlett (10285) defeated Stephen William Moorhead (10606)

Under 7st 12lb
Thomas Haggitt Stronach (10511) defeated Michael William Brandt (10242)

Under 8st 12lb
Hamish James Menzies (10001) defeated Paul Richard Crump (10556)

Under 9st 12lb
William Michael Paley Oborne (10008) defeated Simon Routledge Dale (10105)

Under 10st 12lb
Thomas De Renzy Harman (9977) defeated Jonathon Paul Sinclair Hughes (10146)

Under 11st 12lb
Thomas Charles Foster (9963) defeated Alan Wray Wilson (10061)

James Edgar Hazlett (10227) defeated Nicholas Bernardus Gerhard Winters (10062)

i. Games Committee Minute Book, June 14th 1881, Number 98.

ii. Webb, ER The workshop building in Christ’s College Register, August 1929, pp106–108.

iii. George Belcher set up an Athletic School in Christchurch that contained a boxing ring. He was described as no stranger to boxing and had taken part in several scientific boxing displays. Lyttelton Times 15 May 1884. See also Christ’s College School List 1850-1950 and Christ’s College Register August 1929.

iv. Christ’s College Sports Register, June 1886. EVH can be identified as Edward Vesey Hamilton (315).

v. Christ’s College Sports Register, June 1887.

vi. Christ’s College Sports Register, April 1891.

vii. Games Committee Minute Book, 3 April 1908, Number 16.

viii. Identifications of the winners and runners-up are: Reginald Nicholas Snow (2154), Geoffrey Michael Fulton Barnett (2305), Jack Mervyn Deacon (2199), Chilton Hayter (2165), Sydney Grantley Norton (2098), Lancelot Nigel Haines (2353), Donald Sinclair Murchison (2183), Douglas Gifford Moore (2215). Deacon, Hayter and Haines all died on active service in 1915.

ix. Arthur Nattle Grigg (2444) was awarded a MC for his actions in WWII. He was gravely wounded when the Brigade HQ at Sidi Azeiz was attacked on 11 November 1941.

x. Christ’s College Register, December 1946, p 174 and Christ’s College Register December, 1947, p284.

xi. Christ’s College Register, 1986, p84.

xii. Christ’s College Register, 1988, p83.

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