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From the President

Angus Dysart Paul 2022 03 29 210907

Angus Dysart-Paul
CCOBA President

2023 05 reunion weekend

The CCOBA will host the annual Reunion Weekend at College from 16–18 February. Old Boys always enjoy the sense of nostalgia that the weekend invokes and the opportunity to reflect on past experiences. It is always a good and spirited occasion.

If you are interested in attending, please register here.

The AGM will be held on Friday 16 February at 4.30pm at College. All members are welcome to attend. On the recommendation of the committee, I give notice of motions to elect former deputy headmasters Richard Bromley and Rob Donaldson, and Old Boys Peter Penlington, Tim de Castro, and Richard Batchelor as Honorary Life Members of the CCOBA. As College staff and Old Boys, they have all made a significant contribution to Christ’s College and the association. The meeting’s agenda, last year’s minutes, and accompanying documents will be available on the website from Thursday 1 February.

As night follows day, many of the CCOBA’s events follow a predictable pattern each year. I will not set out all the upcoming events. However, I hope Old Boys continue to engage with events across the country and overseas. Old Boys are increasingly engaging with the association, helped by both this newsletter and our many events.

Last week, it was announced that Garth Wynne will retire as Executive Principal at the conclusion of Term 2. Garth's faultless service to College has been remarkable. Under his leadership the school has flourished. He has lifted its game and its outlook. Through his vision as an educationalist, he has modernised College while ensuring the school remained true to its foundations and the vision of its founders. He leaves a lasting and meaningful legacy.

However, Garth has not only been a great leader of College, he has also been a champion of Old Boys. He has welcomed our involvement at College and he has been generous with his time and his thoughts. He has helped change this association to be more relevant to the next generation of Old Boys.

College has had many great heads and it will have more. However, I do not expect to see in my lifetime another as talented and reforming as Garth.

Finally, this note in The Quadrangle will be my last. It has been a privilege to serve as the association’s president over the past two years. I have greatly enjoyed meeting so many Old Boys, and working alongside Lizzie Dyer, Garth, College staff, and the committee. At next month’s AGM, I will stand down from the committee after seven years.

College is a remarkable school. Although each Old Boy’s experiences at College were different, we are linked by friendships, shared experiences, and memories. I believe the association’s role in advocating for the interests of Old Boys and College, as well as connecting alumni, remains as important as ever. Equally important is the association’s role in governing the scholarship fund which makes the opportunity of a College education available to boys who would not otherwise be able to attend.

As in all great schools, alumni play an important role in the life and the future of the institution. That is true for Christ’s College. I hope the link between students and Old Boys becomes ever stronger while the association remains faithful to its primary purpose of connecting, supporting, recording, and celebrating the history and successes of Old Boys, wherever they live, and whenever they attended College.

Angus Dysart-Paul

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Alumni Manager

Lizzie Dyer The Quad

Lizzie Dyer
Alumni Manager

A warm welcome to 2024 from the CCOBA and best wishes for a great year.

We have another full calendar planned, both in New Zealand and overseas.

As Angus mentioned, the Reunion Weekend is fast approaching. There is still time to register online or give me a call if it is easier for you. It is always a much-anticipated, fantastic event. The cocktail party on Friday 16 February is open to all Old Boys and their partners.

We hope to see many of you at the AGM, which will kick off the Reunion Weekend on late Friday afternoon. We will be saying farewell to Angus after his many years of service to the CCOBA and also electing a new president.

My sincere thanks to Angus for his time on the CCOBA committee and, in particular, his two-year tenure as president. Angus has been an immense support to me and his invaluable contribution will stand us in good stead for the future. I am always mindful that the role of president is often taken on by Old Boys who are already heavily committed in their working lives. Angus was no exception, managing to seamlessly give time to the CCOBA while launching his own career. Thank you Angus.

A request for sport coaches

College needs you. We are looking for sports coaches in all sports at all levels. If you're keen to play a role in supporting College sport and encouraging our students, we want to hear from you. If you are able to commit to a season or wish to find out more, please contact our Director of Sport, Benn McBrearty benn.mcbrearty@christscollege.com.

Bring our heritage into the light

We have had a great response to the 2023 Annual Appeal which aims to raise funds to furnish the Christ’s College Museum. For those returning to College, the Museum will be your place to unlock memories or explore the past. For our current and future students, it will be where they connect with our unique and enduring legacy, delve into the meaning of our traditions, and discover how the school has evolved. If you haven’t already given, it is not too late to donate. Click here to make a gift and help us to create a place – packed with stories, treasures, and memories – where we can share our 175 years.

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Old Boys’ Stories

Flying Officer Finlay Adam with the RNZA Fs T 6 C Texan II reduced

High-flyer Finlay fulfils lifelong ambition

Flying Officer FJ Adam recently graduated as a pilot with the Royal New Zealand Air Force after more than two years training.

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George Glubb reduced

Insightful focus on rural sector

The New Zealand agricultural sector is not without its challenges but its future is vital for us all, according to Old Boy George Glubb (12204).

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Young Chiu reduced

The art of architecture

Beijing Capital International Airport isn’t a bad way to launch your architectural career.

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Rob Thomson

Rob Thomson – a family history of 168 years at College

In 1855 – the year of the Deed of Foundation of Christ’s College – John James Thomson (43) first walked onto the school site opposite St Michael’s Church in Oxford Street, Christchurch. On 18 October 2023, John’s great-nephew, Rob (Robin) Paul Acland Thomson (5806), wandered into the Dining Hall to celebrate his 75 Years On Reunion at Christ’s College.

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In the News

Sir Miles Warren bequest

Sir Miles Warren (5162)

The acclaimed late architect has given Christ’s College a bequest of $1.5 million to repair or renovate our heritage buildings.

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Hamish Redmond 1

Hamish Redmond (7745)

Hamish Redmond (7745) headed to Chicago for two years. More than two decades later, he’s still there.

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Charlie Wood

Charlie Wood (12903)

Join club founder Roddy Wood and one of his sons, Charlie (12903), as they talk about the New Zealand Thoroughbred and why they make excellent polo ponies.

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Upcoming Events


Friday 16 February, 4.30pm


16–18 FebruaryReunion Weekend

20 Years On (2004–2008), 30 Years On (1994–1998), 40 Years On (1984–1988), 50 Years On (1974–1978), 60 Years On (1964–1968), 70 Years On (1954–1958), 80 Years On (1944–1948)
Register now.

Tuesday 20 February, 6–8pmNorth Canterbury Community Visit
Register now.
Sunday 25 February, 10am–4pmJoe Studholme Memorial Vintage and Classic Car Day
Register now.
Wednesday 28 February, 6–8pmWaimakariri Community Visit
Register now.
Saturday 2 March, 12pmCCOBA Yacht Race

Register now.

Thursdsay 7 March, 6–8pmSouthern Lakes Community Visit
Register now.
8–9 MarchWanaka A&P Show – site C8 & C10
Wednesday 8 May, 6pmAuckland YOBs

Register now.

Thursday 9 May, 7amAuckland Community Visit – Breakfast
Register now.
Tuesday 4 JuneChrist's College vs Christchurch Boys' High rugby match
Tuesday 4 JuneRugby Reunions
25 Years On – 1999, 40 Years On – 1984, 50 Years On – 1974, 60 Years On – 1964 & 70 Years On – 1954 Years On
Wednesday 16 October65 & 75 Years On Reunion and Gentlemen's Lunch
Friday 27 SeptemberCCOBA Golf

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Out & About

Strowan Rose Bowl Cup

Congratulations to the CCOBA team of Bryan Andrews, Keith Shipton, Ben Frampton, and Dermot Martin for their third consecutive win in the annual Strowan Rose Bowl Cup inter-school golf tournament. Dermot was the best individual player on the day, recording 39 points.

2023 Rose Bowl CCOBA winners

Christchurch YOBs

A fun get together pre-Christmas for the Christchurch YOBs at the Bog Irish Pub, complete with band.

2023 01 chch yobs
2023 02 chch yobs
2023 03 chch yobs
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The Chronicle


Donald Purser (5053)

Donald Purser led an active and varied life, finally retiring to Christchurch where he was an avid bowls enthusiast.

Douglas Charles Neale (8206)

Beloved son of Ian (3666) and Ngaire (both deceased). Much loved brother of Richard (7599), Andrew (8393), Diana and Jenny, and sadly missed by family and friends. Douglas was cremated on 24 December 2023 at Nelson and a private service has been held.

Read full obituaries here

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October 2023–February 2024

We have learnt of the following deaths in our community. Our sympathy is extended to their family and friends.

David William LACKEY (6777)
Wellington, 20 October 2023

Jock Rhodes INNES (7173)
South Canterbury, 11 November 2023

Adrian Charles KERR (7445)
South Canterbury, 14 November 2023

James Graham FOULDS (6623)
Christchurch, 20 November 2023

Ross Darragh LEVY (5950)
Christchurch, 29 November 2023

George Cuthbert Lyonl HARPER (5122)

South Canterbury, 29 November 2023

Richard Henry Tollemache WALKER (5715)

Auckland, 4 December 2023

Nigel Morton TAYLOR (6227)

Christchurch, 6 December 2023

Patrick Carne JOHNSTON (6169)

Marlborough, 13 December 2023

Thomas William LOCK (6415)

Christchurch, 14 December 2023

Dick Richard ELLIS (5749)

Christchurch, 19 December 2023

Michael John STEEL (8956)

Canterbury, 27 December 2023

Derisley (Peter) Manson CHRISTIE (5099)

Bay of Plenty, 28 December 2023

Neville Campbell PERKINS (4892)
Christchurch, 2 January 2024

Harry Simon NUTT (7079)
Christchurch, 6 January 2024

William Wilson HARRIS (7955)
Otago, 9 January 2024

Anthony (Tony) Owen Howard TRIPP (5897)
Christchurch, 9 January 2024

Trevor Proctor MORRIS (5338)
Christchurch, 11 January 2024

Ian Stratford Palmer CHAPMAN (6727)
Nelson, 12 January 2024

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Contributions welcome

If you would like to contribute an obituary to The Chronicle, please email Lizzie Dyer at ccoba@ccoba.com.

As a guideline, we suggest a 500-word submission. However, we are happy to accept longer or shorter options.

*Please note that this office may edit obituaries.

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

Christ’s College Cricket Club Score and Minute Book 1859–1862

At first glance, this volume looks promising – a detailed account of the beginning of the cricket club from the year that the game was recognised as a summer sport. It turns out that way, but it takes a while to get there.

P3 begins with two lists of names – the 1st XI of 1859. William Guise Brittan (10), Charles Thornton Dudley (21), George Harper (84), Henry Frederick Mason (83), Frank Mathias (3), Frank Morton Ollivier (89), Wilby Morton Ollivier (88), John Morton Ollivier (94), Charles Edward Phillips (captain) (61), Thomas Albert Phillips (77), and Talbot Brabazon Scott (33).

To whom are added A Hastings, Charles John Merton (71), Thomas Richard Moore (93), George Dye Draper (17), and Alured George Mathias (37) to make up the XVII of the College.i

Interspersed with draft rules, reports of expenditure, and internal and external games are lists.ii Some are clearly team lists, but there are other lists of non-playing, subscribing supporters or honorary members with names like Rev’d Henry Jacobs, Mrs Brittan, Mrs Harper, Mr De Troy, and Frederick Thompson. Also included were the names of boys who paid a subscription to the club, and it was on that basis, they were elected to play.

Initially, games were in-house. However, there are three games mentioned in 1859. Avonside was played on 26 October, with a return match at Mr WG Brittan’s field on 31 November, and against Kaiapoi on 23 December. Only the return match is reported.

This book also provides the first indication of a playing uniform. The XI were to appear in white trousers with blue caps.iii It was not until 1874 that black and white became official.

Conveniently, the last pages of the book overlap with the beginning of the Games Committee Book. It confirms that by 1862, cricket has been formed into the Upper and Lower Clubs.

In 1862, they teamed up with the Union Club and played the Albion Club 2nd XI three times. Christ’s College provided most of the combined team: Arthur James Cotterill (63), Frank Morton Ollivier (89) Richard John Barton (96), Arthur Robert Guinness (31), Thomas Morton Ollivier (135), Thomas Richard Moore (93), Edward Parkerson (40), Charles Devey Fearon (144), and Frederick Arnold Baker (138).iv

It was not until 1886 that the cricket blazer was worn for the first time. This photograph of the 1892 team shows George Thorngate Weston (1433) wearing the oldest cricket cap in the College Collection.

i There are inconsistencies in the various sources regarding those who were in the 1st XI or XVI or XVII in 1859. The 1850–1950 School List names John James Thomson (43) and Herbert John Mathias (2), who had already left College. A Hastings appears in both the cricket club book and the teams that played Avonside in 1859, but he is not in the School List.
ii See Lyttelton Times 30 March 1859, 16 April 1859, 3 December 1859 for accounts of these matches vs XVI of the College.
iii Cricket Club Scorebook and Minute Book 18 November 1861. These colours are not mentioned in the Games Committee Minute Book until 11 August 1863.
iv See Lyttelton Times 15 March 1862, 22 March 1862, 9 April 1862. Games Committee Minute Book 15 April 1862.

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