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From the Board Chair

Governing Body Hugh Lindo

Hugh Lindo
Board Chair

Q3 A6961 Pano

Christ’s College – The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care

In December last year, one of our Old Boys spoke at The Royal Commission into Abuse in Care.

He described the abuse and bullying that he experienced from other boys in the early 1970s. Since then, we have been in contact with all Old Boys whose contact details we hold. In response, we received many emails from Old Boys describing their own traumatic experiences at College.

Many of those Old Boys are also survivors of abuse. They described a culture of bullying in all its forms, a culture where they were victimised, a culture where they were not safe, a culture where corporal punishment was condoned and a culture where they could not ask for help and, if they did, it was not there.

In our replies to this group of Old Boys we have said we are sorry, that Christ’s College should have been a safe place for them, that it was not and that we failed them. Where we can, we have offered support in any way that is meaningful to a survivor.

We have appointed Mark Wells as an independent facilitator to help with redress. We have an Historic Abuse Policy.

We know that the number who have written to us will represent a larger group who may, or probably likely will not, contact us, but who had similar experiences at College as those who have written.

To this group, we acknowledge your suffering, acknowledge that for you Christ’s College was a frightening place to be and that we could not keep you safe. For this we are sorry.

We know that for many of you, the passage of time will not have dimmed your memories of fear and distress. We cannot undo the past and make right what happened then. We recognise this and encourage you to contact us or Mark Wells to discuss how we may be able to provide meaningful support to you.

Christ’s College is now confronting the reality of this aspect of its history. For many, this has taken too long.

We are now putting the interests of our Old Boys above those of College. This was not always the case.

We will continue to support the work of the Royal Commission of Inquiry and Old Boys who are survivors of abuse.

Hugh Lindo
Board Chair

Please contact either:
Hugh Lindo – rc@christscollege.com
Mark Wells – markwells@xtra.co.nz

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From the President

Richard Polson

Richard Polson
CCOBA President

The past year has certainly been challenging for many, especially the Old Boys working and living outside New Zealand who are facing on-going difficulties.

This impinged on the Reunion Weekend, a fabulous event with over 200 Old Boys and partners joining us for the Cocktail Party and Lunch. It was great to meet and connect with them and wonderful to celebrate and reminisce about days gone by. This year we had Old Boys from 20, 30, 40, 41, 50, 60,70, and 80 Years On groups. We very much missed those Old Boys who were unable to attend because of Covid restrictions.

I'd like to make a special mention to Lizzie Dyer – thank you Lizzie for your endless energy and wonderful hospitality that ensured Reunion Weekend was a great success.

I’d like to thank the 2020 CCOBA committee of Angus Dysart-Paul, Mac Bolderston (Treasurer), Nick Harvey (Vice President), Will Vink, Michael Fisher, Jono Blyth, Geoffrey Sullivan. They have worked well together and I thank them for their support and for giving their time to the CCOBA.

Former President Geoffrey Sullivan and last year’s Vice President Nick Harvey have now both stepped down after a number of years of service. They have served the CCOBA well and Geoffrey has been a great support to me during my time as Vice President and President. Happily, Nick will still be working closely with us on several initiatives which we have underway. We welcome new members to the 2021 committee, Andrew (Blue) Henderson (9710) and Nigel Taylor (7235), who were appointed at the AGM to replace Nick and Geoffrey. Angus Dysart-Paul is now Vice President.

We are looking for a President for the Wellington Branch and other Old Boys to join this Branch Committee. If you would like to know more, please contact me or Lizzie Dyer.

Thanks also go to College Board members Catherine McMillan and Tim Kerr who keep us updated on Board matters.

If you would like to read my full report as presented to the AGM, please click here.

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Alumni Manager Update

Lizzie Dyer The Quad

Lizzie Dyer
Alumni Manager

What a busy start to 2021

On 11 February we had two wonderful Old Boys, Sam Wheelans and Mike Percasky, give up their time to talk to Year 13s at the Annual Founders' Dinner about their journey since they left College. As always, Rex and his team put on a wonderful spread.

One week later, during the weekend of 19–21 February, we had our annual CCOBA Reunion. Due to Covid, this was an on and off again weekend – with one day to go we had to confirm the 14 events! Although we did miss our international and Auckland Old Boys, we went ahead with fantastic numbers. This year we had 20, 30, 40, 41, 50, 60, 70 and 80 years on. It began with a Cocktail Party on Friday night, with just under 200 people in the Dining Hall. The latest Old Boys Posters were unveiled and the new CCOBA ‘Gin’ was launched at this event, which went down a treat. The next day we had drinks on the Quad, and photos followed by lunch in the Dining Hall. We were honoured to have Donald Purser (80 Years On) and his son, Justin (40 Years On), join us at the head table with the 70 Years On Old Boys and partners. Seven dinners were held around the city, with Garth, Richard and I popping in to say hi. On Sunday, most groups enjoyed brunch together.

The following week Auckland was put into Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country into Level 2. This meant we had to cancel our regional events in Marlborough, including postponing our popular CCOBA Yacht Race which has now been rescheduled for Saturday 3 April (see details below under "Upcoming Events" or click here). We did, however, manage to hold the Joe Studholme Car Rally, which you can read about later on in The Quadrangle.

Another highlight was 88-year-old Dick Tripp winning the Old Boys’ race at College's Athletics Day, so again his name is on the stunning Corfe Cup – a trophy which dates back to 1872.

I hope you enjoy the stories and photos in this edition of The Quadrangle, especially College's Maadi Cup win and the story about the Batchelor family.

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Reunion Reports

20 Years On 8581
Back Row: George Bostock, William Vink, James Baddeley Middle Row: Lloyd Johnson, Blake Callesen, Rob Benton, Richard Baddock
Front Row:
Michael Morgan, Guy Lemon, Gareth Reed, Edward Glubb, Henry Aitken

20 Years On

The young guns enjoyed their first official invite back into College grounds. On walkabout many a memory was retraced – my personal highlights: a MJRM chapel reading, losing my first game of chess against G Bostock in the Hare Memorial Library (the highlight was setting up the board): and lastly H Aitken unearthed the original driftwood staff from the ‘03 Lord of the Flies production – not to worry, it’s back where it belongs.

Special thanks to Lizzie and Shelley for the "one per person" drink vouchers – they were especially useful on Friday night. Few managed to make the official pre-lunch tour the following morning.

Dinner on Saturday night was a South American affair. Thanks to Gareth Reed for organising the venue and fare. It was a master stroke selecting “Entrée and Main” over “Main and Dessert” as Rollickin Gelato was across the lane. Special thanks to Casa Publica for keeping our beverage intake to a minimum.

Overall, a successful event and a good mix of familiar and foreign faces. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 175th in four years. Thanks for your hospitality, it was great to meet current CC staff and the wider group of CCOBs.

Many of you will fondly remember Harry de Latour who was tragically killed in a farming accident last September. A Give-a-little campaign has been launched to help support an initiative for Harry’s wife Kate and their two young boys, Archie and Patch.

Will Vink (12892)

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30 Years On 8564
Back Row: Ben Millton, Tom Hargreaves, George Ritchie, Duncan Patterson
Middle Row:
Ben Acland, Hamish Fairbairn, James Collett, Ben Huston, Dan Bonifant
Front Row:
Hayden Bishop, Simon Hay, Mike Sheppard, Charles Morkane, James Polson, Euan Johnston

30 Years On

With the 20 Years On reunion being cancelled because of the Canterbury earthquakes in 2011, it looked like the class of 1991 would again miss out due to Covid restrictions for large gatherings. Thankfully, the country moved down alert levels just in time to allow a good number of Old Boys to meet up – many for the first time since they last walked out the College gates in uniform.

On the Friday evening, we gathered in the Dining Hall for a Cocktail Party, with all the reunion year groups chatting about the old school days and catching up on what everyone had been up to since leaving College. After final drinks were called, we were kindly provided with vouchers for Fat Eddie’s on The Terrace, with many groups moving on and reminiscing until the early hours.

It was a slow start on Saturday morning, but we again gathered on the Quad, with many more joining for a tour of the Houses and school facilities. While all the Houses seemed relatively unchanged, everyone was impressed with the significant upgrades to ultra-modern learning spaces in the Miles Warren Building for the current generation. It was a far cry from what we were used to three decades ago.

At the end of the tour, we enjoyed drinks on the Quad, followed by our year group photos and a roast lunch in the Dining Hall. It was a fitting time to toast to “absent friends” – not only to acknowledge the Old Boys who were unable to travel to the reunion, but also to remember those who started with us at College and were no longer here and sadly missed.

In the evening, the group grew again to about 40, with some partners joining us for drinks and nibbles at the Permit Room in Victoria Square. The conversations again turned to laughter when we were reminded of class antics, rule breaking, mischief and the generally fun times of our College years.

Our 30 Years On reunion was fantastic. We are already looking forward to our 40 Years On event and aim to get an even greater number of Old Boys along in 2031.

A special thanks must go to Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer, and CCOBA President Richard Polson for organising a memorable weekend, and to Executive Principal Garth Wynne for hosting us.

Ben Huston (11298) & Hamish Fairbairn (11273)

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40 Years On 8559
Back Row: James Wright, Rodney McVicar, Mike Sleigh, Hamish Murray, Guy Flynn, Stephen Bain
Middle Row:
Mark Speight, Ali Grigg, Mike Chaffey, Richard Savill, David Tudehope, Justin Purser
Front Row:
Chris Wood, Drew Murray, George Gerard, Sandy McLachlan, Richard Bullen, Alex Beijen

40 Years On

Our 40 Years On reunion was a wonderful celebration for our class of ‘81 to reflect on events gone by and revel in the opportunity to gather together. Both earthquakes and a global pandemic have conspired against us, so it was a relief to host this long-awaited event. Naturally, Covid-19 thinned the numbers considerably, preventing our classmates from Auckland and overseas from attending.

Thank you so much to all those who sent in apologies and updates of their whereabouts. These arrived from far-flung regions of the globe – Hong Kong to Sydney, London to New York, and Ponsonby to Petone. Please know that we drank a toast to you all and wholeheartedly sent our thoughts and best wishes to you and your families.

The weekend began on Friday evening with an enjoyable cocktail party in the Dining Hall. There were a few queries about the early closing. However, not to be deterred from enjoying a night out on the town, the gathering moved to the social centre of the city!

Saturday’s agenda included a tour of College, a luncheon and photographs. Later we gathered at Mona Vale for dinner and an evening of chat over drinks. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with the boys and also fantastic to have partners along to share in the reminiscing.

Can I please take this opportunity to thank Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer for her tireless commitment to ensuring this event flowed smoothly.

Finally, I would like to note that the Executive Principal’s address on Friday evening included an unreserved apology from College to those who may have suffered from abuses in the past. These events have been brought to light by the current Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care. He encouraged those who had suffered to come forward, noting that College would support past students in any way possible to air grievances and address past wrongs.

Andrew Withers (9911)

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41 Years On 8543
Back Row: Chris Oldham, Jonny Botherway, Jono Trolove, Tony Hazlett, Jeremy Rookes, Jonathan Dunlop, Simon Macfarlane, Mark Burdon, Tim Redfern, James Stevenson
Middle Row:
Peter Schneideman, Nick Dunlop, Jonathan Meikle, Rob Clark, Andrew Brown, Matt Sheppard, Richard Findlay, Richard Lester, Chris Graham, Tom Gilroy
Front Row:
Richard Grigg, Angus Macfarlane, Johnny Bell, David Menzies, Richard Kingsbury, Andrew (Blue) Henderson, Mike Okey, Chris Thomson, David Ryan, John McQuilkin, James Murdoch

41 Years On

The Covid situation has affected everyone, including our 40 Years On reunion planned for 2020. Our formal reunion was postponed so we had an informal practice run where 28 of our year group got together for the weekend and reminisced about our time at College.

This year, we combined with the other reunion groups as the 41 Years On reunion. Unfortunately, Covid again had an impact, preventing our Auckland-based members from attending, as well as those living overseas.

Our group attended all the formal College functions, including the not so formal Fat Eddie’s on The Terrace and we held our own private dinner at the Canterbury Club, with our wives and partners.

It was a true celebration of how – 41 years ago – we were put together as a group and how the bonds forged then have shaped us into who we are today.

Technology enabled us to hear from some of our overseas-based brothers. Rick Harris, who lives in Canada, sent a very good video, remembering our year group’s, and his, achievements when at College. In the US, Richard Pagey sent a short video from the US, while Nils Coberger – currently training New Zealand skiers in Europe – sent a video of deep powder snow and open roaring fireplaces.

Jeremy Rookes, as always, provided a very humorous speech, recalling – among other things – all the nicknames of the teachers in our day.

Later in the evening, we were joined by many lads from the 40 Years On group.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I very much look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to get together as a group, which will be at the College 175th anniversary in 2025.

Blue Henderson (9710)

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50 Years On 8554
Back Row: Geoff Sharp, Phil Deans, Neil Allen, Ian Gordon, Michael Williams, Peter Webb
Middle Row:
Mike Cottrell, William Taylor, Matthew Reid, Robert Sinclair Thompson, Guy Sargent, Chris Menzies, Alec Bruce
Front Row:
Henry Bell, Tim Wilding, Michael Barker, Tim Ward, Douglas Anderson, Stephen Purchas

50 Years On

A very entertaining weekend eventuated after a shaky start when organising the 50 Years On reunion

Christmas holidays, the Waitangi long weekend and a pandemic made it problematic and challenging. We ended up with 33 participants for the weekend events, starting with the Cocktail Party and AGM on Friday night, followed by a rendezvous at the Carlton tavern, which brought back memories.

A lesser number attended the school tour, photo and lunch in the Dining Hall, hosted by the school, and enabling one to meet with the other reunion groups. Then followed an interesting walk around the “new” school with the resident architect, Alec Bruce, from our year, commenting on the new edifices arising after the 2010–11 earthquakes. A very different College from 50 years ago!

The Saturday night dinner was left to volunteers to organise. Doug Anderson and myself volunteered and met with Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer to scrutinise the 1971 Old Boys’ list. Peter Davidson and Dermot Martin climbed on board to help and between us we were able to arrange a very amusing and enjoyable evening at the Airforce Museum Brevet Lounge in Wigram. Rick Hallifax was the entertaining MC for the night, starting off with a competition for the youngest-looking Old Boy among us. The winner won a free trip around the world, to be used within one month! Mike Broome won the day.

A very funny ode recalling the five years at College was given by David Peers, with contributions from John Saunders. Lots of laughs. Guy Sargent then gave his entertaining recollections as a boarder. Gavin White proposed a toast to those who had passed away during the 50 years. Very sad to hear the relatively high number for our year. We then had Mike Cordery beam in from London to give us a rendition of his 10 commandments for surviving a College career.

Sunday morning brunch was kindly held at Dermot and Debbie Martin’s lovely house in Clifton, overlooking Sumner and the estuary. A beautiful day to enjoy a sumptuous brunch and reflect on the weekend.

Thanks must go to Dermot, Doug and Pete for putting their hands up to organise a memorable weekend. Also Jeremy Smith for the very appropriate Party World decorations. Thanks to Lizzie for keeping in touch and leading from the front under difficult times. And finally, big thanks to colleagues who made the effort to attend and enjoy the reunion.

Already there are rumours of another reunion sooner rather than later, as we’re not dead yet!

Tim Ward (8559)

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60 Years On 8535
Back Row: Don Pickering, Anthony Plummer, Tim Williams, Derek Kirk, Nigel Taylor, David Murchison, Milne Cameron, Christopher Pennell, Derek Newman, David Hutton, Kit Sandall
Middle Row:
Richard Sharpe, Tony Norbert-Munns, Michael Smail, Mike Underhill, Drummond Thompson, Blair McMaster, Chris Hartnell, Bill Rutherford, Gordon Fulton, David Strack, John Wall, Ed Shand, Jock Innes
Front Row:
Sam Neill, Alistair Edmond, Ian Johns, Paddy Helmore, John Midgley, Martin Vincent, Kelvin Lynn, Charles Waldegrave, Jeremy Westenra, David Blair, Alister Deans, Nicholas Anderson, Tim Anderson, Arthur Blakely

60 Years On

What a brilliant weekend for the annual Christ's College reunions.

In our 60 Years On group, we started with 131 pupils in 1961 and 50 attended the weekend events, along with 21 apologies and nine overseas emails saying what had happened to them over the past 60 years. Several others also spoke about their College life.

A very interesting bunch indeed.

Friday night featured the enjoyable Cocktail Party in the Dining Hall. Along with all the refreshments, gin was provided in each House colour, a very popular gesture.

On Saturday, many came to the Quad for photographs, a College tour and lunch in the Dining Hall.

Our group of 82 (including partners) went to the Christchurch Club for dinner. Pip Hall was the MC for the night while Sam Neill spoke to us briefly and Charles Waldegrave was our keynote speaker.

Sunday brunch – for the brave – was attended by 30 at Aikmans. It was greatly enjoyed by all who could make it, offering another opportunity to reminisce, as well as make good intentions to stay in touch for a 65th!

Tony Norbett-Munns (7203)

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70 Years On 8527
Back Row: Bill Whitmore, Brian Stokes, Peter Macfarlane, Roger Turner, Rostyn Jones
Front Row:
Jeremy Wood, Peter Scales, Andy Shand, Paul Pritchett, Warwick Moore, Neil Macfarlane

70 Years On

Our 70 Years On reunion was attended by 12 83-year-olds, plus partners, who all turned up for Saturday's photo, tour of College and luncheon in the Dining Hall.

We were all seated at the top table, and were joined by Roger Turner for these two events, plus one 93-year-old.

We, the “dignitaries” looking down (but only half of us, as the others had their backs to it), could see several hundred of our juniors hogging into the very fine ribeye and roast vegetables. (What? No BDSTS or EJ! Times have changed, and so has the food.)

All 12, plus wives (I say wives as the names of the previous intimated partners seemed to coincide with the old fellas) attended dinner at the Curator’s House, where, after another photo, another very fine meal was enjoyed, even though capacity was quickly reached.

On a lovely sunny Sunday, most of us turned up to Mona Vale for more food. We thought it was to be brunch, so some of us chose to forgo breakfast, expecting bacon and eggs or waffles and maple syrup – but no! It was a full, three-course luncheon. Some of the wiser ones omitted their fish chowder to make room for roast lamb rump, followed by dessert and coffee.

You may think the weekend was all about food. This may be true but we did have a great old chinwag between our small, hardy group, with a fair amount of reminiscing.

It was great to see Peter Collins for the first time at a reunion as he spent much of his life in Australia. Other regular attendees over the decades have been Jim Dawson, Rostyn Jones, Neil McFarlane, PK McFarlane, Warwick Moore, Peter Scales, Andy Shand, Brian Stokes, Bill Whitmore and Jeremy Wood.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it so enjoyable.

Paul Pritchett (5963)

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Reunion Lunch and Cocktail Party

Reunion Lunch 2
Reunion Lunch 3
Reunion Cocktail Party 1
Reunion Cocktail Party 2
Reunion Cocktail Party 3
Reunion Cocktail Party 5
Reunion Cocktail Party 6
Reunion Cocktail Party 7
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Posters of inspirational Old Boys

Six new posters of Old Boys now grace the walls of Christ’s College, providing fresh inspiration to the next generation of College students.

Lauded for their achievements in the fields of military service, cricket, educational development, law, music and innovative business to benefit others, the Old Boys – Charles Upham, John Wright, Derek Banks, Peter Penlington, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Robbie Bell – are the latest prominent faces to feature on a series of special College posters.

Created to enlighten and encourage current students, the new posters display the breadth and depth of College talents and accomplishments through deeds and actions.

They feature alongside nine other Old Boys posters – our aim is to grow this number significantly over the coming years.

Reunion Cocktail Party 10
Reunion Cocktail Party 11
Reunion Cocktail Party 12
Reunion Cocktail Party 8
Reunion Cocktail Party 9
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Old Boys’ Stories

Old Boys do all sorts of interesting things ...

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IMG 9158

Winning triple for two Old Boys

Old Boys Dan Batchelor (9549), left, and Grier Fuller (10569) again held the Maadi Cup following an emphatic victory by Christ’s College on Lake Karapiro, having been involved in wins for the third time.

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Sherwood4 DSCN6760

Murder, he wrote: A remarkable coincidence – 50 years on

In 1998, my book on capital punishment in New Zealand was published, called "Guilty on the Gallows".

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Vaughan Smith Headshot Reduced

The U.S. is where the action is for Vaughan Smith

Figure out what you can be best at – ideally the best in the world, be bold and optimistic.

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IMG 6340 edit

Celebrating Sir Allan Wright

In mid-December last year, Canterbury Country Cricket hosted a function to acknowledge the contribution Sir Allan Wright had made to the association since its inception in 1960.

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Meet our new committee members

Blue Henderson

Andrew (Blue) Henderson – Good food, good wine, good friends

After leaving College, Andrew (Blue) Henderson (9710) studied Farm Management at Lincoln University. He was a farmer, production manager, dive instructor, commercial diver entrepreneur and rural contractor.

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Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor (7235) – Land of plenty in Marlborough

Nigel Taylor (7235) started his career as an economist in the export meat industry, working in Christchurch and London.

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In the News

Batchelor Family TVNZ

Batchelor boys uphold Maadi tradition

In a possible world first, all three siblings of the Batchelor family have now won the Maadi Cup. After the weekend's efforts, Monty (14533), Jamie (14799) and Archie (Year 13) can now lay claim to being national titleholders in the U18 eight Maadi Cup. Monty took the first leg of the family triple in 2016, followed by Jamie in 2018 and Archie stroked the eight to a big win this year. Read more on the TV ONE news coverage by sports reporter and Old Boy Guy Heveldt (13126).

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Sam Darry joins the Blues

In a run against the tide, Canterbury’s Sam Darry (14680), former captain of the 1st XV and a member of the Crusaders’ academy, is going to Auckland to play for the Blues.

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Sam Neill Final Thank the Listener

State of the reunion

Sam Neill reflects on Reunion Weekend in The New Zealand Listener March 20–26 2021

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Hero 8 Ufwu5 X max 1000x1000

New features for EVs with Google Maps built in

Old Boy Alex Donaldson (13538), Product Manager at Google Maps, shares some great news on the latest features for those who own, or plan to own, an EV.

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Upcoming Events

There is plenty of activity ahead. Book now to secure your place.

31 MarchMelbourne Branch Dinner – EMAIL HERE
3 AprilCCOBA Yacht Race – EMAIL HERE
8 April

Hawke's Bay Branch Dinner – EMAIL HERE

7–8 MayChrist’s College Nepal Expedition April–May 2001 – EMAIL HERE
11 MayAuckland YOBs
12 MayAuckland Community Visit
19 MayWellington Community Visit
20 MayWellington YOBs
29 JulyDunedin YOBs
15 OctoberCCOBA Golf
20 OctoberGentleman's Lunch
19 NovemberChristchurch Long Lunch
25 NovemberChristchurch YOBs
31 MarchMelbourne Branch Dinner

Aren’t we all happy to have 2020 behind us? To celebrate making it through, and to catch up once more, we’ve planned our annual CCOBA Melbourne Branch Dinner for Wednesday 31 March – just before Easter. The previous gatherings have been memorable with great conversation and delicious food.

Melbourne CCOBA cordially invites you to dinner and billiards.

Wednesday 31 March, 6.30pm (dinner at 7pm)
The Sandringham Club, 92 Beach Road, Sandringham, VIC 3191

Please RSVP to Nick Williams at nick.williams@iinet.net.au

If you know of Old Boys in Melbourne, or any who are visiting at that time, please let me know or ask them to RSVP to Nick.

3 AprilCCOBA Yacht Race

The annual Christ’s College Old Boys’ Yacht Race is planned for Saturday 3 April – and you’re invited to attend.

This is going to be so much more than just a yacht race! It will be a chance to compete for the third time for the Jeremy Turnbull Memorial Trophy.

Last year’s annual race was great fun and well supported. Zac Ensor’s crew on “Paradigm” took first honours in 2020 – despite the efforts of sailing novices Executive Principal Garth Wynne and CCOBA Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer who were part of the crew.

Who will claim line honours this time? Please forward this email to all Old Boys and keen sailors in the region encouraging them to attend.

Skippers are to arrange their own crews and the race will start from the Waikawa Yacht Club at 1300 hours on Saturday 3 April, following a briefing at 1200 hours. Afterwards, there will be a post-race celebration and presentation at Oswald jetty, Kumutoto Bay. Please bring finger food.

For any queries please contact:
Zac Ensor 03 572 4882 or ensor.d@xtra.co.nz
Nigel Taylor 03 572 8969 or mill.stream@xtra.co.nz

Saturday 3 April
12pm briefing, 1pm race
Waikawa Yacht Club

Looking forward to seeing you for a day of fast, competitive racing.

8 AprilHawke's Bay Branch Dinner

The committee of the Hawke's Bay branch of the CCOBA are organising an informal function for the evening of Thursday 8 April 2021 to be held at Giant Brewing Co, Treachers Lane, Havelock North (next to The Loading Ramp).

Expressions of interest to Philip Pinckney Philip.Pinckney@bakertillysr.nz

7–8 MayProposed Reunion weekend 7–8 May 2021 for the Christ’s College Nepal Expedition April–May 2001

Luke Tiller (12416) is organising a Reunion Weekend for members of the expedition. The proposed programme will include a lunch at College on Friday, followed by a school tour and a chance to view the expedition’s video and photos. You’ll also be able to hear about progress at the Kharikhola Primary School that College sponsored and that we visited after our trek to Everest Base Camp. On Saturday, there are plans for a 4WD mission to visit Lake Coleridge and Mount Oakden where the team prepared before going to Nepal. Please get in contact to help make this a memorable reunion!

Expressions of interest to Luke Tiller Luketiller27@gmail.com

Twelve Christ’s College students visited Nepal in 2001 where they claimed the World’s Highest Haka with other expedition members on the summit of Kala Patthar (5,643m). The group spent a month in Nepal, combining the trek with a cultural exchange and aid project. Christ’s College Archives Nepal 2001 diary.

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Out & About

CCOBA – Joe Studholme Memorial Vintage and Classic Car Day

We were greeted by an overcast sky as we left The Quad Sunday 28 February 2021, but that started to clear as we approached Hororata. Indeed, there was enough blue sky to make a sailor suit – a good indication of a lovely day ahead.

Our first call was to Henry and Jenny Studholme’s house for morning tea and fresh scones.

Later, we visited their Prime Smoke business venture – producer of high-quality smoked salmon. Then, we motored on towards Windwhistle – navigating gravel roads – for a visit to Rockwood Station with owners Ben and Cheryl Richards. We enjoyed picnic lunches under fruit frees in a delightful setting, with the cars nearby.

They provided a rundown of the station’s history since the Phillips, the Darts and the Richards families owned the property from 1851. It is a lovely old homestead, set against a backdrop of mature trees, with extensive lawns and gardens. Mike and Patsy (nee Dart) Norris were married there in 1974.

Next, we saw the visiting machinery – 25 classic and vintage cars, a light aircraft and a couple of modern cars driven by veterans. One was Andrew Anderson (5081), a car buff from the 1940s, a founder of the Vintage Car Club (VCC) and a regular correspondent in Beaded Wheels – the voice of the VCC.

Nine Jaguars accounted for 36 per cent of the visiting machinery, including three XK120s, 2 E Type roadsters – including Jonathon Hutton’s ex Willis Brown’s drop head; 2 XKR coupes and Rod Buchanan’s superb 1961 mark 2.

At one stage, we followed John Midgley’s 1951 model 401 Bristol with its distinctive wind tunnel-tested lines and showing its strong BMW heritage. Martin Vincent’s 1953 Bentley R type was also cruising along peacefully when we were all mown down by Richard Abbott in his 1965 Ferrari 330GT coupe, which blasted passed us – with the V12 in great voice.

Craig Pidgeon had his rare and very quick Sunbeam Tiger coupe and Richard Owen had his beautifully restored 1935 Alvis Speed 20 tourer. Jon Hope in his 1928 Austin 7 ‘Top Hat’ was a classic sight, along with Michael Bayley’s 1936 Morris 8 sports and a couple of Model As, with Brian Deans and John Stewart at the wheels.

A splendid outing was had by all and our sincere collective thanks go to our hosts, plus Martin Vincent and Rod Buchanan for organising everything.

Tim de Castro (5571)

Joe Studholme Car Rally 2021 1
Joe Studholme Car Rally 2021 1a
Joe Studholme Car Rally 2021 2
Joe Studholme Car Rally 2021 3
Rockwood Montage
Rockwood Stream
Rockwood Homestead
Rockwood slab hut
Rockwood family graveyard
Rockwood Mike Patsy
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CCOBA v CBHS Old Boys cricket match

Old foes renewed their quest for cricket success at the beautiful Valley of Peace grounds on Sunday, with CCOBA taking the honours after a closely-fought 50-over match against CBHS Old Boys.

Watched by enthusiastic supporters and friends, the College team of recent leavers and more seasoned veterans – including CCOBA president Richard Polson – piled on the runs early to set up the win, scoring 295. Tom McClean top scored with 82 and Michael Davidson made 52.

In a spirited reply, CBHS Old Boys made 230.

IMG 8834 edit
Valley of Peace 8 edit
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The Chronicle


January – March 2021

We have learned of the following deaths in our community. Our sympathy and understanding is extended to their family and friends.

Wayne Ian WILKINSON (7373)
26 January 2021

Robert Anthony TONKIN (5253)
Nelson, 31 January 2021

Robin Leslie SAGGERS (5706)
Otago, 3 February 2021

George Scott KRAL (14715)
Christchurch, 5 February 2021

Arthur Eyre ORMOND (7208)
Hawke's Bay, 10 February 2021

Michael Bruce JAMESON (6294)
Wellington, 11 February 2021

Ian Hartley Travers TILL (6088)
Hawke's Bay, 17 February 2021

Gary John TRELEAVEN (5982)
Bay of Plenty, 4 March 2021

Russell Norman Burns SPEIGHT (5530)
Otago, 6 March 2021

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

159 Years of the Sports

On 7 June 1862 the following appeared in the Lyttelton Times.

Sports 1862100

Lyttelton Times 7 June 1862 i

Was this the first time that Christ’s College held an Athletics Sports? The Games Committee Minute Book tends to confirm this. On May 22 1862, the Committee discusses the possibility of a silver or pewter cup for the College Cup race, and the following day George Harper (84) proposed, and Henry Thornton Dudley (16) seconded, its purchase. A further minute notes that it would be kept if a boy won it for more than one year. ii

The Archives also holds the 1877 Sports Programme that records the longest-held Christ’s College record. The story is that Frederick George Westenra (404) was persuaded by the Headmaster, Charles Carteret Corfe, to run and jump when he was not feeling well. The result was 10¼ seconds in the Open 100 yards. This time, converted to 100m stands at 11.2sec and is now held jointly with Grantley Peter Wain Judge in 1991 and Elliot B Nye in 2014.

Sports 1877a101
Sports 1877b102

But that was not all. In the Long Jump Westenra’s 21ft 8in “was magnificent and without any great effort.” iii The paper goes on to record that this was 3ft 7in better than his own previous best and 3ft 3in longer than Richard Malone Hamilton (365), the second place getter.

There were 10 entries in the High Jump under 14 years and William Paul Studholme (717) won with a height of 4ft 0¼ inch while Arthur Truman Chapman (660) cleared the bar at 4ft 8½ inches in the Open.

Athletic Sports Day 1877 Ch 5 copy

High Jump, 1877 Sports

Until 1996, with the introduction of the four-term year, a date in October was set aside as Sports Weekend. Parents arrived, the crowd gathered around Upper and there was a service in the Cathedral.

Now Athletics’ Sports heats and finals are spread over several days culminating in a single day in late February.

i Henry Thornton Dudley (16) Bethel Charles Ware (157), Frederick Arnold Baker (138), Frederick Riddiford (148), Arthur Roswell Baker (139), Arthur Charles Smale (143), Henry Thompson (47), Thomas Richard Moore (93).
ii This may account for information in a letter from Charles Thornton Dudley (21) Dec 5 1824 in which he refers to a challenge cup his brother had, but it was lost in the fire at the Dudley family home, Earnley, in Rangiora.
iii Press 12 October 1877. See also Hamilton, DG. 1996 College! p118 . This jump was according to Hamilton a school boy world record that stood for many years.
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The 175th

Jane Teal

The first 175 and a few more…V, W, Y and Lyttelton

Preparations have begun for the 175th celebrations in 2025 and we’d like to know some more about the first 175 boys who attended Christ’s College. Just over 175 names are in the College List up to and including 1862, and there are also those who attended College in Lyttelton. So, over the next few issues of In Black & White, there will be lists of those we’d like to make a connection with. We know that some boys did not have families, but they are included just in case there is a great, great, great, nephew or niece who can help us out. Perhaps you might draw up a family tree and phone the Old Boys’ Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer (03 364 6862) or email it to her at ccoba@ccoba.com, or email it to the archivist, jteal@christscollege.com or post it to the archivist at Private Bag 4900 Christchurch 8140.

Families are gathered together in the following list, except where the information we have is not clear about a family connection. If this is the case, names are listed separately.

William and Charles Henry VIGERS


Robert McDonald WAITT

Bethel Charles WARE

Alfred Frank WATKINS

Warner William Warren and Arthur Henry WESTENRA

Jonah Charles WHEELER


David Theodore and Charles Hood WILLIAMS

Richard William WILLIAMS

John Kidd and George Newman WILMER

Charles Bassell and Clement WINTER


Frederick WORSLEY

Harry James WYLDE


The following attended Christ’s College Grammar School and the College Elementary School in Lyttelton, but did not attend Christ’s College in later years.

This information comes from a number of sources.


Harold de BOURBEL


Edward EARLE



Dugald and Norman MACFARLANE

F Charles and Frank SH MURRAY


Edward, W Summers and Sydney PUCKLE

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